Using a Pergola at Your Wedding Venue

Robert X. Cringely

Imagine digitally chronicling every moment of your life, never working from an office again and buying the majority of your clothes for a virtual "you" online. If these sound like far-off dreams of the future, think again.

BlackberryExtraordinary transformations are taking place in our lives due in large part to the impact of information technology. Businesses are transitioning from the physical to the virtual, often with unexpected results. Meet those who are striving to remain competitive and survive in this new age of discovery and constant change. What is the next big thing?

In the world of retail shopping there are many stores and premium outlet malls that are using the new technologies of the internet to reach a wider audience. They are using social media to announce events, deals, discounts, celebrity autograph sessions, releasing coupon codes and much more.

Even home improvement companies with some great pergolas are using the internet to reach a wider audience with their products. They use before and after images on social media sites like Houzz, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so people can see what those outdoor structures would look like at their own home.

Then there are rustic and luxurious hotels that give a modern day feeling of transformation. They too are now using the internet to reach out to more customers. With the use of social media, online marketing, and review sites, potential hotel travelers are able to view rooms, read reviews, and find them on social media and organically in search engines. For those looking for a hotel and wedding venue you can easily find and review those places online now thanks to the transformation of the internet.

In all aspects of your life, you should be trying to save money. Whether it's with your home insurance, car insurance, utility bills, groceries and whatever else you spend on monthly, you want to get the lowest price along with the best quality. Now you can shop around online to find the best prices for everything to know that you are getting the best deal.

Lastly, for those looking to go to the next level with transforming their life and home, something that will make any neighbor, family member, or competitor jealous is adding an elevator to your home or office building. Make sure to do your research on the best elevator experts and elevator design.

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